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Pure Brazilian – Reinvent your hair in 90 minutes

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Summer is soon round the corner, which means that the oh so dreadful humid days are just
beginning! But no need to panic, the Pure Brazilian treatment is a dream come true and were going
to take you through it!
Pure Brazilian Blow out is the most advanced professional smoothing treatment on the market. It
eliminates 70% of curl and frizz, which means that the client could still enjoy natural voluminous
texture and bounce to her hair. Theres absolutely no need to worry about ending up with flat, lifeless
straight hair! This super treatment reduces daily blow drying/styling time in half, and helps restore
the health of damaged hair. Sounds life changing right? If you haven’t tried this product yet, it’s a
definite must for our typical hot humid weather!

What to expect:

Imagine styling your hair in 15 minutes and achieve a finish like you’ve just stepped out of the
salon! The Pure Brazilian Reconstructing Solution fills your hair cuticle and creates a layer of protein
over the hair shaft. For up to 12 weeks your hair will be shinier, smoother and sleeker than ever. Your
color will glow luminously and will look radiant and healthy. As a bonus, your hair will grow effortlessly
because of this new protective layer. Your hair will not be able to break or have split ends and the result
will be longer and healthier hair!


The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment is super client friendly!-it does not have any
processing or “down time” in the salon which allows the treatment to be complete in around 90
minutes, yes you heard us, that’s super quick for a treatment which lasts up to 3 months!. The
treatment is able to be washed out immediately unlike other brands that need to stay in the hair
for up to 3 days. Finally,last but not least, is the finish, Pure Brazilian leaves the hair healthy,
shiny and frizz-free rather than dull and straw-like.

Coloring or highlighting service can be done on the SAME day prior to having the treatment.
Also,the treatment works wonders on hair extensions! These tend to dry out as they do not
receive natural oils from the scalp. The treatment will restore moisture to the extensions and
leave them looking silky and soft.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

The best candidate is someone with dry, damaged, frizzy, color-treated hair that needs to be
restored. However, Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment works great on all hair types; thick,
thin, dry, chemically damaged, blondes, brunettes, straight and/or curly. It does not cause the hair
to become oily as the solution is applied off the scalp. This professional treatment works on the
porosity in the hair to improve the health of the hair by conditioning while smoothing the cuticle
to eliminate frizz.

Post treatment care

Looking after your keratin treatment is easy! Make sure to use the right products which work
hand in hand with the treatment. Pure Brazilian has a wide range of products which will make
you fall in love with your wash and care routine! Designed for daily use and fortified with
keratin, uv filters, exotic oils and super hair nutrients these products will leave your hair super
silky, shiny and frizz-free even without the Pure Brazilian ® Treatment!
The beauty of this treatment is that it does all the styling for you!

For more information call us on 21371245 and get yours done at our salon.

Pure Brazilian is available at dsalon ibragg Malta